NovioStaal, based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands was founded in 1997 with the goal to offer clients access to hard to find flat steel products, that their current suppliers were unable to supply. For us it's about offering the client what they need, not simply what we can easily offer. Our philosophy is thus to help our clients in anyway possible.

NovioStaal: all about steel

NovioStaal is a broad based trader in carbon steel. We are able to offer an extensive assortment of flat-steel products in a very broad spectrum of grades, surfaces, and dimensions. Our extensive product range is backed up by a strong knowledge of steel and its properties and an extensive network of contacts throughout the steel industry. Through this combination of a wide assortment of qualities and what we consider some of the best contacts in the European steel industry we are able to offer materials which usually fall outside the most commonly accessible delivery programs. We define ourselves by trying to offer suitable solutions even for the most challenging requests.

The bigger the challange, the bigger our satisfaction in helping.

NovioStaal are experts in the field of flat carbon steel products. Our broad assortment of flat steel products in all forms, qualities, and dimensions offers a central contact point for most company's unique demands. A central belief within our organization is to use our vision within the steel industry, through our wide range of contacts at not just the biggest factories and service centers, but especially the best ones, to supply our customers with steel products as well as a unique insight to new developments. Through our network we are able to offer our clients access to difficult to find qualities, dimensions, or quantity combinations, which fall outside the delivery program of your average supplier, and which can prove difficult to find. Our goal is to offer what others can't! If we can't find you a solution then there's a 99.9% chance that nobody can!

Service, Simplicity, and Reliability

Our customers can count on simplicity, reliability, and service. These qualities have led to a large number of long-term customers who have worked with us for years. Our clients are generally based within the Netherlands and Belgium, however the international experience within our organization, along with our ability to source globally has led to us increasingly offering our services to clients outside the BENELUX and even on other continents. Within our organization we speak Dutch, English, German, Italian, and French so give us a call in the language of your preference to see if we're a match with your organization!

Vraag hier uw geheel vrijblijvende offerte aan!